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Calf Birthing Blankets

Cool-Calf Covers™ are a result 8+ years of university research and testing by Dr Ted Friend at Texas A&M University.  What he found was that plastic calf hutches sitting in the sun can get a lot hotter than ambient temperature, and putting calves into buildings loses the beneficial effects of sunshine that help make hutches the “gold standard” for raising calves.  University research has found that Cool-Calf Covers™ significantly reduce air temperature and black globe temperatures in hutches, which can significantly reduce panting in calves, help improve weight gain, and improve immune function and the comfort of calves.  The covers also eliminate the need to elevate the back of the calf hutches because the hutches do not heat up.  Adapted from a combination of marathon running blanket, rescue blanket, and reflective agricultural mulch technology, and tested on dairies in Texas and Arizona.


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Cool-Calf Covers™ are priced as low as $8 each in quantity.

Adapted from marathon running blankets, rescue blankets, and reflective mulch technology,

Cool-Calf Covers™ could be a game-changer for your farm! 

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