Mean temperature (F) for three hutches covered with aluminized black LDPE (aluminized side facing calf) and three uncovered hutches over a 24 h period.

Help Manage & Improve Calf Conditions with:  Warm-Calf Covers™ in Cold Temperatures:

The USDA estimates that 95,000 calves die each year due to cold stress and hypothermia related issues. Cold environmental temperatures create many challenges to calf survival. Calves under 3 weeks of age can begin feeling cold stress much earlier than most people think. Even at ambient temperatures of 60 degrees F and below, cold stress can hinder calf growth and performance. Cold stress can continue to affect calves over 3 weeks of age as ambient temperatures dip to 40 degrees F and below.

The Warm-Calf Covers™ has the potential to improve temperatures 10 degrees warmer during winter usage, with the aluminized side turned toward the calf. It will reflect infrared heat back toward the calf, while the black color helps by absorbing more solar energy during sunny conditions than the hutch alone. The usefulness of the Warm–Calf Covers in improving air temperatures within hutches during the winter is demonstrated in the graph below.  

Winter version with reflective side facing calf.