Product Notice/ Disclaimer: Cool-Calf Covers™ have shown beneficial results on Calf-Tel and Agri-Plastics hutches, but results and performance  

may vary between different manufacturers of hutches, and for different models of hutches made by a manufacturer or producer.

​​Product Specifications:

Cool-Calf Covers™ are made of a proprietary film blend of polymers for maximum UV resistance and a specific aluminum coating to optimize the RF and IR reflectivity of each cover.

Covers- 72" x 142" universal size to fit most brands of calf hutches.  Hutches that these covers will fit include the following:  Agri-Plastics EXL hutch and smaller models, Calf-Tel (Pro,Eco, Pro II, Deluxe II); Poly Dome (Big Foot Calf Nursery, Poly Square Nursery).  If in doubt, measure your hutch from one bottom edge, over the top, to the other bottom edge) and contact us.*

Rolls- Each roll comes with 50 covers per roll, folded to 18" wide perforated to length rolls for easy removal and use. Each roll weights approximately 55lbs.

Hardware- Each roll box will contain inside 500 Washers and Self Tapping Screws with the hutch cover rolls. Each box will weigh about 63 lbs total. It is recommended that each cover use 10 screws and washers (included with covers) for fastening.

For windy locations, one roll of Nashua FLEXFIX or 3M 3350 tape, or equivalent, for every 50 Cool-Calf Covers ordered.  The tape is readily available in the HVAC section of hardware stores or HVAC distributors, for $13/roll or less.  This tape is all-weather and has good UV resistance, much better than "packing" tape.

Price range: $10-$8 per cover plus commercial freight and depending on quantity.

Individual rolls of 50 covers are shipped by UPS at about $65/roll.

*If you have any questions or concerns about installation and the usage of this product, please contact us at 760 529-4070.